Future of Gaming in India 2020

Gaming Technology is certainly a new technology that helps to build bigger and better games, but if there were no technological advances for a while, developers will continue to produce new products. That is because it is a sector of entertainment and is powered by both innovations that technology.

Future of Gaming in India 2020


The concept of video games has changed so dramatically that we probably couldn't even guess where we are now just five years ago. Digital technology is on the cusp of exposing the internet's true potential for video games. Odds are for the way we play games to be totally different, again, in just two or three years.

Technically, video games have evolved far from their origins. The billions of dollars industry has evolved from pixels to almost photo-realistic graphics, expanding from arcade machines to personal computers, consoles, mobile devices like tablets and phones, and headsets for virtual reality.

Video game-related technology will only continue to develop and improve throughout the year 2020 and in the future.

Here are some predictions of the gaming technology that are expected to become a reality by 2020.

  • Super–immersive gameplay via Virtual Reality (VR) and graphics with photorealism.
  • Development of open-source gaming.
  • Web Gaming.
  • Expanding the utilization of Augmented Reality (AR).
  • Handheld controllers returned.
  • Secondary displays and Gaming Devices.
  • Virtual reality: Virtual or Interactive.


Career in Game Testing

Game Testing is the dream job of every dedicated gamer. Playing the video games is where you get paid. If you wonder if there's a limit, then no! Any pick whatsoever. Game development is just like any other testing job where you're expected to check the game before it's delivered to end users to give them a gaming experience that's glitch free.

The spectrum of game research is quite limited but individually they are comprehensive. The development of the game involves checking whether the game has the right gameplay and functions, whether it runs smoothly without crashing on all the devices it is supposed to.

Video games are fairly complicated products that contain all manner of codes and algorithms in them, a variety of things might possibly go wrong. This is exactly why testing a game is just as critical as testing any other web service or software. Gaming testers play the game over and over in every way to ensure that the game is safe enough to be marketed to interested players around the world.

Although playing games is definitely fun, it's mainly a work for which a tester is paid. In addition to playing the game to determine whether it's fit for use, game testers specifically look for potential problems and bugs.

Some Gaming Competition in India

Competitive Indian gaming experiences a wave of exhilaration, like never before. Unless you have been living under a rock you've been on the internet for as long as you know the multiple announcements Rs. 100 crore investment that made the rounds. We have professional teams in India that compete against other teams globally.

Some gaming competition that held in India in recent years.

The Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup – Season 4

pic credit:-https://afkgaming.com/

Image credit:- https://afkgaming.com/

The TE Gaming Cup is among the most prestigious Dota2 competitions in Mumbai which has now been running successfully for 3 years. The finale usually happens, dab smack right in the middle of one of the biggest and busiest shopping malls in Mumbai. Fans and participants can expect a committed spectator area, lots of contests / gifts and full live production of the immediate matches.

Expected Dates: Mid–September

Expected Location: Countrywide LAN qualifiers with a LAN finale in Mumbai

Expected Game Titles: Dota2 and CS GO

Prize Pool: INR 5,00,000 / USD 7,450


Indian eSports Championship (IeSC) – Season 2

The Indian eSports Championship was perhaps the most successful professional gaming event experienced in 2016 by the City of Mumbai. In response to a humongous online qualifier prize pool and action packed, the main event featured a number of music and pop culture attractions such as a flash mob, famous DJs such as lost stories and more.

Expected Dates: September through November

Expected Location: Online qualifiers and main event in Mumbai.

Expected Game Titles: Dota2, CS GO and Piercing Blow.

Prize Pool: INR 20,00,000 / USD 29,800


The Dew Arena – Season 2

Image credit:- https://afkgaming.com/

Mountain Dew has been the only non–endemic partner to hop aboard the 2016 esports bandwagon. Yes, the Dew Arena was a lavish affair at a venue which would shame all others. The tournament spotlighted India's TV techie – Rajiv Makhni as a special guest while at the same time playing host to Flipside Tactics' Hector Rosario. With online tournaments and on-ground activations including a gaming truck that visited 50 cities, the months leading up to the main event were marked. The captains of the championship teams were scheduled to be advertised on the packaging of the Mountain Dew Game Fuel–a recognition that contributes to the goal of removing the stigma attached to making a career choice for esports.

Expected Dates: July through September

Expected Location: Online qualifiers, LAN group stages, LAN main event at the kingdom of dreams in Gurugram, New Delhi.

Expected Game Titles: Dota2, CS GO, Mortal Kombat, Forza Motosport & Kung Fu Combat.

Prize Pool: INR 10,00,000 / USD 14,900


ESL India Premiership – Second Edition

Image credit:- https://www.eslgaming.com/

It bears mentioning that, in 2016, ESL India Premiership's first edition got all the attention. At Comic-Con Delhi, eight months of non–stop gaming activity with LAN events in Pune and Bangalore all concluded in one mega gathering. Gargantuan prize pools, humongous crowds, world-class performance in production and top-quality matches made the ESL India Premiership the gold standard of Indian gaming tournaments. It is rumored that the second edition will receive changes in sequence, and it continues to remain to be seen if the familiar ‘Starter Cups’, ‘Challenger Cups’ and ‘The Masters’ will remain.

Expected Dates: May through December

Expected Location: Online qualifiers, LAN events in Bangalore, Delhi and more.

Expected Game Titles: Dota2, CS GO, Rocket League, Clash Royale, and Just Dance.

Prize Pool: INR 42,00,000 / USD 62,640


Nazara Games’ eSports League

Nazara is a leading developer of mobile games that claims to reach more than 2 billion consumers across the world's emerging markets. The company recently announced its intention to invest USD 20 million over a 5-year period to build the Indian eSports ecosystem. The league will now have two tournaments per year, featuring six teams chosen through a series of open online qualifiers.

Expected Dates: Unknown

Expected Location: Open online qualifiers.

Expected Game Titles: Dota2, CS GO and others to be announced.

Prize Pool: NA


Ucypher’s Indian eSports League

UTV Group's owner and CEO, Ronnie Screwvala has confirmed interest in investing in the ecosystem of Indian eSports. The league is called ‘UCypher’ and is run by the parent company, i.e., ‘Esports’. The estimated project budget ranges from INR 80 to 100 Crore, which calculates to around USD 14.9 million. There's talk on Indian television about the league being broadcast – a feat that hasn't been seen since an Indian eSports TV show called ‘Games Bond’ collapsed.

Expected Dates: Unknown

Expected Location: Unknown

Expected Game Titles: Dota2, CS GO, Console Games and Mobile Games (TBA).

Prize Pool: NA


Future of Gaming in India 2020

India has almost 300 million gamers. Of these, 95 percent are below 30. There are also Professional Gamers in India who can play in the Gaming Arenas and Tournaments with other country gamers. Reports indicate that the gaming industry is more than 1.1 trillion dollars in India itself by 2020. And they also indicate that India's gamers will double in figure as compared with 2017. All in the 3–year period. If a gamer does not have to do some boring 9 – 5 job in order to earn money, he can earn it by doing what he loves to do. In tournaments such as Dota players are going to win $1 million. That's more than life savings for an average employee.

Gaming in India has received a boost with the introduction of 4G and FTTH in recent years. Prices have become more efficient, helping not only corporations but gamers across India as well. We saw an increase in mobile gaming with the launch of 4G in India and will play a major role in the industry. FTTH that is already implemented in tier–1 cities provides high-speed internet connection directly from the ISP via optical fiber to your home, which has enhanced service quality. Gaming cafés and colleges serve as hotspots for gaming in tier–2 cities and most championships are held in these colleges because of the existence of reliable infrastructure, which in turn encourages the growth of gambling.

Esports is growing in India, with the launch of several tournaments with unparalleled prize pools. With several companies jumping in and helping the room grow, Esports is rapidly changing the industry. Monthly competitions provide a livelihood for professional gamers and also provide development for various sports-related realms such as cosplayers, shout casters, and analysts and so on.

We foresee a boost in VR and AR gaming in India, too. VR devices are readily available to people, and families opt-in for the taste of virtual reality. Every day, mobile phones are growing effective and showing to be effective AR devices. Every day new games are launched which take advantage of the augmented reality and take advantage of the technology to a new level. Mobile gaming in India is already on the rise due to easy entry and affordably priced and stable internet connections. With the amount of time people spend in mobile devices, many developers shift their approach to mobile games and appealing to a large chunk of gamers who choose mobile devices as their gaming equipment over expensive PCs and consoles. With the growing body of research on game development in our country, the next big title could be India's.

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