IQOO 3 Review and Specification

IQOO 3 launched in India with 865 SnapDragon in 36,990 INR With 8GB Ram and 128 storage UFS 3.0. This is Flagship mobile which have the Quad camera setup. Mobile Gamer loves this mobile on this price segment.

IQOO 3 Review and Specification

it's time for the IQOO 3 Hey guys I am Kavish here from Xarkas Tech. Let's start with IQOO 3, the IQOO 3 comes in an interesting looking box this carbon fiber texture here we have a yellow logo and also 5g mentioned upfront me know now to the back it says testing phone since this is my review unit, after all, it's tornado black 12 to 56 variant made in India.

 let's slice through that plastic and get those seals now once we remove the lead we are greeted by the IQOO 3 the first IQOO 3 phone to hit the Indian shores now

Now the back here it has a bit of a gradient going for it it is reflective it reflects light quite nicely we then have a message from IQOO 3. One moving on we have a USB type a to type c cable. The type c end is right-angled and they've kind of got it to build shaped but it's unique, to say the least, what do you guys think like it no let me know, Now this might be entirely superficial but hey it would have been super cool if this red part lit up wouldn't it.

We then have a sim tool the quick start guide the other regular paperwork. This is followed by a translucent case with a matte finish it's got a pretty big lip surrounding the display and that should protect the display in case you place the IQOO 3 face side down next up there are a pair of in-ear earphones with some different size replacement tips and finally, a massive 55-watt fast charger IQOO claims a 0-50 timing of just 15 minutes so what do you guys say time for another charging test would you like to see that the IQOO 3 the realness x50 pro let's fit all these against each other what other phones would you like for me to feature on that blog let me know in the comments below and we'll try to get that done. Now like most flagships we have a glass sandwich design held together by a metal frame there's gorilla glass 6 to the back.

The three color variants IQOO.IQOO offers I really love this volcano orange that unique matte finish it brings with it and just the color itself it looks fantastic and it barely picks up any fingerprints, which is an added advantage too now.

The IQOO 3 is not a light phone though it weights in over 200 grams and is about 9 millimeters thick, but thanks to that curved back. It didn't feel too heavy and the way it's pretty evenly distributed.

SCREEN:- So it was good to use in hand now the front of the IQOO 3 is almost entirely dominated by the 6.44-inch full hd plus AMOLED panel IQOO is calling this the polar view display with a superior clear selfie camera basically what this means is we have a tiny little punch hole to the top right IQOO claims this is the smallest one in its segment one more interesting thing to note is that IQOO have chosen to go with a short sensation up instead of going with gorilla glass for protection here they claim it's the better option for the IQOO 3. Overall the bezels are thin and the screen to body ratio is over 90 percent that combined with this beautiful AMOLED display I feel IQOO done a stellar job by the way the touch sampling rate is 180 hertz but the refresh rate is a regular 60 hertz through what IQOO has changed is how many times the screen scans for an input. It's kind of like with the new iPhones where the refresh rate is again 60 hertz but the touch response it's sampled at 120 hertz this should, in theory, lead to a better experience especially while gaming of course higher refresh rates are better but this would be better than just 60hz refresh and 60hz touch sampling now speaking of gaming.

Performance:- Let's talk about specs we have the top-of-the-line snapdragon 865 with 8 or 12 GB of ram and 128 or 256 GB of fast ufs 3.1 storage compared to the last-gen flagship 855 the soc the snapdragon 865 is supposed to deliver 25% more CPU performance. The IQOO 3 comes with 5g support too IQOO is also supposed to be selling a 4g only variant where they've disabled 5g in order to keep the prices more competitive on the gaming side of things the snapdragon 855 could already play pretty much everything on the play store and quite easily. So I don't really expect 865 minutes at Adreno 650 GPU, do you have any issues in terms of raw numbers this Adreno 650 GPU is supposed to be 20% dash better than the 855's Adreno 640 on the software side we have a monster mode which we can turn on by pressing the AI button and this top right part of the IQOO 3. This mode turns off any power saving options that increase CPU performance and changes.

AIR Button:- The aesthetic of the phone kinda like what we've seen with the Asus ROG in the past we also have a dedicated game space that can be entered by long-pressing the two monster buttons that are located at the right side of this phone. These work kinda like air triggers like in PUBG. We have them programmed for shooting and aiming down sights. I mean of course, they are programmable. We can customize if we want to use these buttons if yes one or both of them we can even customize the amount of pressure needed to activate them and the haptic feedback they provide is quite strong too okay since, we spent the last couple of minutes talking about buttons i might as well take you around the IQOO.

Buttons:- The right we have the orange power button it's got a nice textured finish which makes it easy to identify by feel itself above it are the volume rockers and on either edge are the touch-sensitive keys IQOO calls these the monster buttons to the top we have a three and a half millimeter headphone jack, which is great and there's also a secondary noise-canceling microphone.

Extra Feature:- The dual nano sim slot the primary microphone the USB type c port and of course the speaker they reside at the bottom sadly no MicroSD for expansion. Though given IQOO is a Vivo spin-off some design language similarities do exist for example this dedicated AI button. This is reprogrammable and it's got various actions for say single click double click as click and hold all three are customizable here, we can use it to summon a virtual assistant google assistant is there, of course, uh and you can also go with Vivo's joey smart assistant again here's where more Vivo dependencies show up.

Operating System and UI:- IQOO monster UI is basically a skinned version of weaver's fun touch os based on android 10. It's kind of like what real me UI is to color os it's got some extra features like monster mode thrown into the mix speaking of software features we've got the usual system-wide dark mode always-on display functionality and my favorite dynamic effects the under-display fingerprint scanner and face unlock they work as expected as far as the battery is concerned.

Charging:- IQOO have gone with a 44-40 milliamp-hour option and they claim it should last all day like I said earlier the included 55-watt fast charger should be able to top it up pretty rapidly 0% to 50% in about 15 minutes.

Now another thing to note is the 90-degree bend in the charge cable this is even present with the headphones IQOO claims It's supposed to help uh get a better grip with the phone while holding it in landscape and gaming. I'm gonna have to spend more time with the IQOO 3

Cameras:- Before I can with these claims and finally with that we get the optics we've got a quad-camera set up to the back the primary is the tried and tested 48-megapixel Sony IMX 586 sensor we've seen this a lot last year it's coupled with the f 1.79 lens as I expected it seems to do really well there's a dedicated night mode, which was very quite impressive too at least initial impressions the secondary it's a 13-megapixel ultra-wide this Oneplus double duty as a macro camera too taking some sharp little close-up photos the third camera here is again a 13-megapixel sensor, but this one comes with the f 2.46 telephoto lens so it can do 2x optical zoom the final camera is a 2-megapixel depth sensor and when it comes to rear portraits this helps us refocus anywhere and adjust the bokeh area after the photos have been taken as far as videos go we can shoot it up to 4k at up to 60 frames per second. 8k here despite the snapdragon 865 the footage. It looks quite good super anti-shake kicks in at 1080p for more smooth video and finally 16-megapixel selfie camera good details natural colors and background hdr works well to keep the background from being overexposed overall the cameras here they do seem quite promising though.

 They might not necessarily be the focus of this phone so to wrap up things let's now talk price well as a filming again I'm not aware of the official pricing but after Realme dropped the bomb yesterday that is the x50 pro  got to be very aggressive here if the IQOO3 is gonna stand a chance at breaking into the Indian smartphone segment as always once I do get to know the pricing I will add it in the description pin a comment you guys read the blog you'll know the price by now so what do you think what do you make of it is it competitive enough to take on the likes of Oneplus and Realme leave a comment down below and with that 

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