RedmiBook Launch in India

RedmiBook 13 Now shortly available in India very aggressive price. Its Mid-range of the gaming laptop with i5 processor 10th gen,8GB rame and 512 SSD, Its Nvidia Integrated Graphic MX250 2GB DDR5

RedmiBook Launch in India

Xiaomi has been expanding its product portfolio here in India. They started off with smartphones. If you remember they started off with the mean three but now they've branched out into one of the largest consumer tech empires in India from phones to TVs to routers to air purifiers. There are a ton of products that are being sold by Xiaomi and sub-brand but their laptop lineup well that's kind of been missing here in India and that seems set to change let me is supposed to be bringing their laptops and these laptops red meats currently a current range of laptops there read me books. 

        Xiaomi is VP in the past he's mentioned that he'd like to see shown his laptops in India and nothing seems to have come off. It yet now show me started off their laptop line with the Nobu care in China and well it looked and felt pretty much like a MacBook Air clone. The oral building performance it impressed us from the initial launch Xiaomi have expanded their lineup with several laptops geared towards productivity and even gaming, but as mentioned. Earlier sadly India's not seen any of them with the spin-off of reading me as a separate sub-brand and laptops under the ready book branding the chances of seeing some of these in India. The kind of end up now yesterday we learned that Xiaomi have registered a trainee book trademark in India. Which has all but confirmed an eminent read my book launch ship given the insane success of the read me sub ground with its phones can we expect a repeat of the same with the laptops now to answer. 
That we're gonna have to start with what kind of laptops are we talking about well just about a month back made me have launched the 13-inch read me books in China powdering these are the Tenjin Intel i7 and i-5 CPUs there's 8 GB of RAM at fact well gigs of solid-state storage and even a dedicated Nvidia MX 250 GPU and they should be able to get us playable framerates at eSports or older to play games when coupled with the U these U series, Quad-core a threaded processors, which is pretty much par for the course for budget. Oriented ultrabooks like these now these let me works they are ultrabooks they're not gaming laptops they aren't performance beasts and they're not expected to be this one's very slim at just 16 ash millimeters and it weighs in at 1.2 clearance.  Which is super light now that's despite sporting an all-metal body and redmi has still managed to provide a decent array of i/o so we have two full-sized USB 3.1 genuine ports and HDMI port a 3.5 mm jack and a power cord this is supposed to charge the 40-watt hour battery inside to 50 percent in just 35 minutes and this battery. Read Me claims it should be able to power this ultrabook for 11 hours straight on a single charge okay, so that's the redmiBook 13 but that's not the only redmiBook. 

RedmiBook 13 Specifications

Model:- RedmiBook 13
Series:- RedmiBook
Screen Size:- 13.30-inch
Processor:- Core i5 10gen
Ram:- 8Gb
OS:- Window 10
Storage:- SSD 512GB
Graphics:- Nvidia GeForce MX250 2GB (DDR5)
Web camera:- Yes
TouchPad:- Yes
Internal Mic:- Yes
Weight:- 1.23 KG
                    They have in their lineup there's also a larger model the redmiBook 14. This one comes with the older gen gen i7 or i5 processor still the same quad core 8 threads a similar GPU eight gigs of ram again up to 512 gigs of solid-state storage. So what has changed here of course you know the screen size it's got a 14 inch screen hence regular 14 now the power the larger screen Redmi  is offering a slightly higher capacity 46 watt our battery. It's got the same fast charging technology just like with the RedmiBook 13 now given. The rest some extra space to be hard read we have managed to cram and an extra USB 2 port but all this does come in at a cost the cost apart from the actual cost you know the price the money, of course, is a 300-gram increase in weight the 14 inch led RedmiBook who isn't at about 1.5 kilograms. Which is still extremely light and that about rock okay, actually that doesn't wrap up things because we still have more there is a rise in addition that swaps the i-5 I seven with NVIDIA combo weather-wise and five and rising seven APU instead the rest remains more or less similar and finally.
      There's also an enhanced edition of the read my book 14 this is basically the same as the intel version of the red book 14 that we just saw but it comes with the newer 10 generation i5 and i7 processors and shall of the 8th gen the price actually remains unchanged so it kind of is a free upgrade now if it's an upgrade if it's a new version that comes at the same price or even cheaper why are we even talking about the older RedmiBook now. We've not seen before so what's the hype all about well it'sRedmi so it's the aggressive pricing the 13-inch read me book starts at 4499 ¥  which converts to about INR:- 46,500 Rs the new 10 gen power model 14 inch model actually starts at ¥ 3999 you one are about INR- 41,000 Rs. There's even a i3/4 gig ram option at ¥ 2999  (INR- 31,000 Rs).

                 You want now pause for a minute or so that you can take a look at all the specs and irrelevant pricing. Now, these prices we don't really have anything else in the Indian market that comes close to these from a build or even purely aspects perspective. I mean unless real me comes out with your RedmiBook or something like that i5 Gen ultrabooks like this one from MSI costs as much as 60,000 rupees. Where I'm going with this right basically the RedmiBook offers a unique blend of lightweight design excellent build quality and decent performance all at an affordable price point a combination that's pretty much unrivaled in the Indian market as of right now, of course, all this you know the hype the excitement it's all based on the fact in fact that read me based on the assumption rather that redmi is gonna manage to launch these read me books at close to Chinese pricing because if they don't, of course, there are plenty of plenty of alternative options to choose from the specs as I mentioned they aren't revolutionary another thing to keep in mind is the software read me bundles they read me works with a bunch of their own services and some like their cross-platform file sharing app is pretty useful in fact.  I'm hoping that the file-sharing as well as unlocking the ameba and functionality makes their way onto the Indian units but other functionality like show me is integrated cloud services aren't really gonna make it a friends in a market outside china since here we're gonna basically use Google Drive or Dropbox so with these changes and software effect the final price tag well that's something only time will tell so I guess that's pretty much it about the read me books what do you guys think is this something that interests you and if yes if I mean would you be interested in picking a read me book up. When it launches in India which one are you more excited for the I mean the Intel version of the rise and version the 13 inch or the 14 inch and what do you think would be a fair price let me know in the comments below and with that, And Both Model may be available in AMD version model.

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