Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Review-Features

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite, Samsung decided to make a cheaper version of the popular Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus but they had to make quite a few trade–offs. In order to make this a cheaper device, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite costs at least a few hundred bucks less. That's why it might be a good deal for those who love the S 10 but they don't want to spend a flagship phone price

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Review-Features

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite, Samsung decided to make a cheaper version of the popular Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus but they had to make quite a few trade–offs. In order to make this a cheaper device, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite costs at least a few hundred bucks less. That's why it might be a good deal for those who love the S 10 but they don't want to spend a flagship phone price.

We are going to tell you all the pros and cons of this device, so you can make the buying decision yourself. The design of the Note 10 Lite is similar to both flagship and upper mid–range class devices from Samsung. The phone feels premium. Thanks to metal chassis, high-quality buttons and glass on the front. Samsung has not specified material used in the back plate but it feels like plastic to us. For example, it feels the same as the backplate used on the Galaxy 50 or a 70. In other words the backplate is made of what Samsung calls the 3D plastic material, which is essentially a highly polished plastic material with premium glass-like glossy surface and gradients. So it's not real glass but it's made to look and feel like glass. We did our best with the explanation here, we hope you get us.

We don't have the Note 10 Plus at the moment but here is how the Lite looks next to the regular Note 10. It's significantly taller and wider. Also, here is how the Note 10 Lite looks next to the Samsung Galaxy S 10 Plus. Lastly, if we compare the Note 10 Lite to the Galaxy S 10 Lite, they look very similar. Both in terms of shape, size, design and look. However, the Note 10 Lite is slightly taller, just a size wider and a little bit thicker. We would say, that the regular Note 10 is more comfortable to hold in the hand but the light model has a much larger 6.7 inch display that I found to be really nice and sharp. It's got deep blacks, great contrast and color accuracy and good outdoor visibility. The buttons are on the right side which are easy to reach. For example, the flagship Note has the keys on the left side which has always been a weird choice by Samsung. If you ask us, a 32 megapixels camera is implemented in this tiny punch hole. So you don't need to deal with any larges or things of that nature on the back. We have an array of cameras that consists of ultra-wide which are the main shooter and telephoto lens. Both the primary and zoom cameras are coupled with optical image stabilization. The S 10 is what the Note Series apart from the competition. We think that a lot of people admire the S 10 for this functionality, and the fact that it increases your productivity.
However not everyone's ready to shell out top dollar for the flagship note and the Morton light, is Samsung's answer the company wants to bring the Note Series and it's useful, stylish to the masses.

With the S 10, you can take notes, off-screen memos, draw, magnify glance, highlight the text, sign the documents and so on and so forth. Some people simply like scrolling through the menus. With the S 10, you can also use the air gestures. For example, you can use the S 10 as the remote control, to take pictures or switch between main and selfie cameras. The S 10 definitely increases your productivity.

In one way or another, you just need to master all of the features to make the best out of it, we are glad that Samsung released the cheaper and more affordable Note for the S 10 Plus or the S 10 of hands. If 4500 MaH battery is inside of this phone and it performs really well. We could get 13 hours of screen on time. When we use the phone mostly for YouTube and social media and playing with the S 10. If you use the phone more intensively, you can still expect to get about 10 hours of screen on time. There is also a 25 watts fast charging support but no wireless charging like on the flagship Note 10 or the Note 10 Plus.

Other key features include in display, fingerprint scanner, that we found to be accurate, yet it's not the fastest. We've seen to compensate that there is a reliable and fast face unlock feature that works well in all lighting conditions.

Other features of the Note 10 Lite include, a micro SD card slot or storage expansion, a headphone jack that provides good audio and a pretty good bottom firing loudspeaker. However, we wish the phone had a dual stereo speaker system like the flagship Note 10.

A few downsides, the phone is neither dust nor water-resistant just like the S 10 Lite. We think that's a major shortcoming for the phone that costs much. You should also know that there is no LED notification light but we do have a highly customizable always on display at the time of the product release. Samsung didn't reveal the actual chipset inside the Nolton light. The reason for that is pretty simple. The phone runs on an X nonce 9810 CPU. The same chipset that was used in the Samsung Galaxy S 9 that was released in 2018. That may be the reason why the Note 10 Lite is slightly cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S 10 Lite which runs on a flagship grade Snapdragon 855 even though the chipset is outdated it's still capable of handling pretty much. All of the 3D games you throw at it, we didn't have any issues playing games like Asphalt 9, Asphalt Extreme and even the PUBG on the highest graphics settings. The Note 10 Lite runs on Android 10 and we have the 1 UI 2.0 skin by Samsung that means that you can customise the phone in a variety of ways and play with many different settings. Just naming a few, we like the dark mode which looks nice on this sharp AMOLED screen. Also we got used to Samsung's gesture-based navigation system and we like the variety of advanced features. Even though we don't use them. All my 2-year-old Galaxy S 9 Plus runs on the same chipset as the Note 10 Lite and is still a very fast phone. On a daily basis, same can be said about the Note the device feels fluid and responsive all the time which means that the excellence 9810 is still a capable chipset that assures good overall months.

A triple camera setup produces near-flagship great images whether you take pictures using the main wide-angle or telephoto lens. Well the more expensive Note 10 tends to take sharper images. If we compare them side-by-side but overall we are really happy with the no time lights cameras, pictures have plenty of detail, the colors are usually accurate and dynamic range is excellent. All the time selfies and portraits look pretty good to you. Although some of the shots could be attached. Sharper night image quality is pretty good. Overall if we compare images to the Note 10, the latter phones camer

as are more consistent and take better quality images. However, the Northern Lights night mode is pretty impressive and it shows the importance of software in mobile photography. Night selfie image quality is pretty good but only if you take pictures in auto mode portraits look kind of grainy same as the Galaxy S 10 Lite and the flagship Note 10.

This phone can shoot 4k videos in both 30 and 60 FPS mode the overall quality is very good but if you want a more stable video and the ability to switch between the main telephoto and wide-angle lens, you need to record in 30 frames per second mode. There is also the so-called super steady video mode that makes the video look smooth and stable but there is a lot of noise and quite a few video artifacts. Also this mode works only in 1080p for this. Selfie video quality provides you with plenty of detail but the video is shaky that's why we suggest you using 1080p mode that produces much smoother footage. The sound recording quality is pretty good. The phone has excellent call quality signal reception Wi-Fi GPS. Bluetooth have been working fine. There is NFC and a lot of sensors overall the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite is a solid device and it offers a lot of flagship qualities but to reduce the price of the phone Samsung simply had to make some trade-offs. Even though, Samsung didn't specify this the device.

Backplate has a fancy name of 3D glass stick which is strengthened and polished plastic with some glass gradients. It's not a big deal for us, as the phone still looks and feels premium but you need to know this before buying.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite is a phone for those who want the S 10 that increases your productivity and its fun to use a massive and sharp AMOLED display with tiny bezels, good build quality and nice design and good overall performance. This phone has an excellent battery life with fast charging. At the end of the day, the Note 10 Lite is the Galaxy Note for the masses.

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